Airboat Poker Run – The June 17th Poker Run hosted by Randy Kassmeirer and Justin Thiesen had about 40 airboats, with 115 poker hand participates. The run went from the Fremont Hwy 77 bridge to the North Bend Hwy 79 bridge, with a couple stops in-between. Everyone enjoyed grilled pork sandwiches, with some fixin’ on the side. This event raised $250 for the NAA. Thank you to
all of the volunteers and participants who made this event a Great success! Randy and Justin will be holding this Poker Run on the 3rd Saturday in June next year as well.
Mark your calendars & Save the Date!
6/16/18 two pair again, sure to be another winner.

Veteran’s Ride – A Veteran’s Ride was held on August 12th west of Fullerton. This non-sponsored NAA event was hosted by Paul and Mark Ulferts. Paul and Mark along with John Sullivan, Bryan Dubas and Arron Wetovick, gave rides to seven Vet’s and three employees of the Grand Island Vet’s Home. This group of Veterans had a great time and loved the Loop River.

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