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NAA Memorial Scholarship

Lynn Barta
Richard Cashett
Mike “Jake” Kroeger

Nebraska Association Memorial Scholarships

Lynn Barta
Richard Cashett
Mike "Jake" Kroeger


  • Applications must be post marked by March 1st of 2024 (Please fill in current year).
  • $10,000 will be divided into three scholarships that will be awarded each year in the amount of one $5,000(Lynn Barta) and two $2,500 (Jake Kroeger & Rich Cashett) scholarships.
  • Applicants must be a child or grandchild of a member of the Nebraska Airboaters Association AND that member must be a continual member in good standing for the previous THREE years OR be a lifetime member. The applicant may also be an actual member of the Association, but must also meet the three-year requirement or lifetime member.
  • The new guideline was added to avoid the situation when a member joins the year their child or grandchild is a senior and after the scholarship is awarded, the member does not stay active in the Association. This has happened a few times in the past scholarship winners and this new requirement will hopefully keep our membership strong and active. The Web site will be updated with this new information. All other criteria will remain the same.
  • Applicant must be a high school student who will be graduating in the spring of current year OR a current full time college student.
  • Applicants must have taken the boater’s safety course and include a copy of the certificate with the scholarship application.
  • Applicant must be enrolled in an undergraduate college, university, or trade school for the current / upcoming school year.
  • The ones that qualify for the Lynn Barta/Mike “Jake” Kroeger or Richard Cashett – Nebraska Airboaters Association Memorial Scholarships must give a presentation in person to the committee on why they deserve the scholarship on the date selected by the Scholarship Committee in person or via video conference/teleconference, etc. if they live out of the area on the date and place selected by the Scholarship Committee.
  • Winners will be notified the same day as the interviews after they are concluded and winners selected.
  • In addition to the application form, each applicant must submit a copy of their Boater’s Safety Course Certificate, a paragraph on what his/her career goals are (location after college, what type of job, etc.), a paragraph about “what Airboating means to me,” and One letter of written personal recommendation. Recommendations may be written by a school counselor, teachers/instructors, youth or volunteer group leaders, employers, or any person who can provide a brief statement on your behalf.
  • The individuals that are awarded the Lynn Barta/Mike “Jake” Kroeger or Richard Cashett – Nebraska Airboaters Association Memorial Scholarships must become a lifetime member of the Nebraska Airboaters Association AND if their parent or grandparent is not a lifetime member they must also become a lifetime member of the Nebraska Airboaters Association.
  • If, for any reason, the student drops his/her courses within a 6-month time frame, the scholarship money must be returned to the Association.

*Those who qualify may also apply for the Nebraska Airboaters Association Scholarship.

 **If a scholarship committee member is an immediate family member to an applicant, the committee member will not be able to vote the year the student applies.

Applications must be received by March 1, 2024.

Send completed application to:
Nebraska Airboaters Association
P.O. Box 111
Columbus NE 68602
Or email to:

For more information, contact:
Michaela Boelter

2024 NAA Memorial Scholarship Winners:

$5,000- Taylor Greisen
$2,500- Dylan Crumley
$2,500- Jordyn Trotta

2023 NAA Memorial Scholarship Winners:

$5,000- Evan Tomlinson
$2,500- Jaxson Sullivan
$2,500- Kaitlin Pfeiffer

2022 NAA Memorial Scholarship Winners:

$5,000 – Jamison Urkoski
$2,500 – Enyssa Arps
$2,500 – Paige Rolf

2021 NAA Memorial Scholarship Winners:

$5,000 – Cailey Noonan
$2,500 – Kaylea Bailey
$2,500 – Emma Peters